About Us

Kindness Only is a brand that was created out of a desire to stand for something greater than ourselves, to do more than sell quality clothing and accessories. For each item sold, a portion of proceeds go to charities and front-line workers who help victims of child abuse. Child abuse comes in many forms and it’s not just happening to people on the other side of town, it could be happening within your own family, to the children living next door or to kids who go to your child’s school. After witnessing a child being abused first hand, company founder Nichola Petts decided that thoughts and prayers don’t cut it – she needed to do something to help give a voice to the voiceless, raise awareness of the importance of treating kids with kindness and reporting incidents of abuse to organizations that can provide children and families with the help and support they need.

We all need more kindness in our lives. Wearing Kindness Only shows your commitment to standing up for youngsters affected by abuse and to setting an example of living and leading with kindness.

Our Mission

Vision: To eradicate child abuse from society, globally.

Mission: To raise awareness of signs of child abuse; help those who are victims of child abuse; while sharing the importance of kindness for ourselves, our families, our communities and beyond.